Asiansexdiary - Noew
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Noew

Dear Diary, Tip kept her word and presented me with her sister, Noew. I immediately liked her! She’s very skinny and not at all shy. After a little drink with Tip and her together, we went to buy some KFC to eat in my room. Once in my room, I didn’t wait to start shooting and I must say that I was delighted about this girl. She was posing really nice and I got so horny because of that skinny body of hers. I love skinny “boned” asses.. a lot! Especially when they have a fat, brown and hairy pussy in the middle. I ate her pussy and she came right away. Time for her to give me a bj and to get laid! It was a great fuck that ended with a perfect creampie. The best part is at the end when she started to asking me if she could go home. This is a perfect tutorial for you guys to see how these girls act after sex. Even if they promise you before that they will stay a long time, they will try to go home quickly after sex. Excuse of the day: “I need to go to my aunty.” Oh yes?? why? Why now? Why her??? Don’t even try to understand. I learned that it’s better to just accept it and to let them go. Just don’t trust any girls to stay a long time.