Asiansexdiary - Noon
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Noon

Dear Diary, I went out to eat and took an alternative walk towards my hotel where I was literally between the woods. And damn, it’s there that I saw a girl walking alone. She is a bit chubby but very cute. I started to talk with her and she was all smiles, so I asked for a picture. After a little walk together, I invited her to my place to make better pictures. To my surprise, she agreed. Her name is Noon, a local from Pattaya working at a small restaurant not far from my hotel. She was actually going home after work. In my room, I explained to her more what I was hoping for and she was totally cool with it. Damn, Thai girls are just the best! This type of girl next door can turn me on as much as models, guys. I just loved her, that round ass, and her naturally hairless pussy! A gift from heaven, man! As she really liked me as well, this was as near to girlfriend sex as you can hope for. Such a tight pussy she had and for sure didn’t fuck that many guys yet. Anyways, fucked her wildly with a creampie ending… so satisfying. When she left, she gave me her number. A second round?