Asiansexdiary - Nun: Part 5
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Nun: Part 5

Dear Diary, New hotel today, close to Soi Nana. I did this especially to meet Nun, my slutty schoolgirl. When I told her that we would meet in Soi Nana, she was a bit shocked, haha. “Really?” she asked. At 8pm, we met in the middle of Soi Nana. She came in a very decent dress. She looked great. She had changed the colour of her hair and she seems to have lost some weight. In my room, I kept the posing short, took off my clothes and asked her to suck my dick. The slut in her awoken and she gave me a good long BJ. Then, as a member requested, I asked her to take off her clothes and I fucked her in straight doggy while looking at herself in the mirror. That’s my fat schoolgirl, like I love her the most! She showed me her tongue again, too, but the only thing she wanted is my sperm deep inside of her! So that’s what I did… deep inside, like she asked me yesterday. Mission accomplished. (by the way, I asked for anal as well, but it was a big NO) She then left running to be home in time for her mother (was started to call on her phone). She said that she would come back tomorrow in her school uniform but honestly… I am thinking of canceling. I fucked her 5 times already and I think that you guys have maybe had enough of her, haha. Anyways, tomorrow I am going to barhop a little. That’s a better idea!