Asiansexdiary - Oam 2
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Oam 2

Dear Diary, Today was the big day to meet my chat-friend, Oam. In the morning, I first took a walk along the beach and saw many sexy girls but my head was already busy with my meeting. She always said that she liked to pose and knew that I was planning to do that today but you never know… She was right on time and looked much more sexy than I expected. So small and skinny, a petite princess from Phuket. We ate breakfast together and I could only fantasize about seeing her naked and fucking her hard. We talked a little. She just lives at home with her parents, is 19yo and doesn’t work. She was also a waitress once in a bowling alley but she hated it and prefers to be at home. My kind of girl. Simple, sweet. Every time she smiled, my heart was melting. I started to fall in love already. Once in my room, we started to make some pictures. She kept her word and didn’t mind taking off clothes. She was very shy, of course, and that made her even more sexy. And then she was naked…. Man, I wanted to give up everything, buy her a ring, present her to my parents, marry her, go on honeymoon, … haha, Please suck my dick first. Man, her blowjob has to be called “romantic”. Her pussy smelled like a flower and her skin was like silk. Man, I was in heaven. I think she was a little overwhelmed. She didn’t make much noise but she enjoyed it for sure. Creampied the princess, of course! We talked a little before she left. I asked if she could sleep with me but she was not allowed to do that. Her parents would never accept it. We will need to meet again in the daytime. My time in Phuket is almost done and King will also come, so I will need to find a way to see her again. I decided to go back to Pattaya next week. It’s been a long time ago now. Still need to decide.