Asiansexdiary - Oam
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Oam

Dear Diary, I was not yet ready to give up last night, so I went back to hunt on Orchard road. I first met a Vietnamese MILF I had a nice talk with her but wanted something better. I went to Orchard towers where I managed again to talk with many girls. 2 Pinays no shooting. Some Viets… some Thai. One Thai girl looked really cute and was dancing alone. A newbie, I felt. We talked a little but it was too noisy inside so we had a drink outside. Her name is Oam, a 21yo hairdresser. A real newbie. Perfect. I liked her face and it seemed that she had big, natural boobs. We talked and agreed on a shooting. I could film and fuck a sexy lady this time. Once in my room, it went all very smoothly. She was a very sweet girl and just loved to pose. She started to play with her pussy, as she was horny as hell. As I said before, some girls just get wet when a camera is in their sights. This was really a nice fuck. She was taking her new job very seriously, with a slow GFE blowjob treatment. I think I came twice while fucking her. In the end, I wanted to shoot more loads on her boobs but I almost had nothing left, haha. Ok guys, hope you are happy with this amazing ass. I went walking around again today. I know I should go to the Geylang district, but I want to explore and try Orchard road first before giving up so, tonight I am going back to the towers to try for more. I have 3 more nights to score another great girl then I’m heading to Chiang Mai for a little holiday. I plan to take a crazy trip outside of Asia after that. What should I do? Russia? Africa? South-America? Let me know…