Asiansexdiary - Oay
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Oay

Dear Diary, Woke up and checked in in my new hotel this morning. Nice room with good outside light. Then, up to the subway and to a mall to look for some clothes. Saw some sexy girls and decided to take a rest at the Starbucks in the mall. 5 minutes later, an innocent-looking girl arrived and was looking for a place to sit. I invited her to sit in front of me and she smiled. I asked if she wanted something and she said chocolate with those shy eyes of hers. I was turned on immediately! Girl alone! Check! Young and cute! Check! Smiling ! Check!… ACTION! Her name was Oay, a 20yo from Thailand. She came to work in Hong Kong as a maid for some rich Chinese people. She had her day off and was looking to buy some pants. I asked her frankly if she wanted to go with me to my room to make some pics. I told her I am a photographer. She was shy about it but said yes. This was going well. On the way to my hotel, she explained to me that she was feeling alone in Hong Kong. Her first time here. Only had 1 BF before, in Bangkok. The Chinese boss was good to her but no personal contact. She was happy to meet me, even if I was the first foreigner she ever talked with. Man, this kind of a fresh girl always makes me crazy horny. She became even more shy in my room but everything went on smoothly. Each time she took off some clothes, she got red in the face. Too cute! I was not sure how far she would go but once she was naked she asked me to take a shower. That was the sign I needed. She knew well where this was heading too. Once back in bed, I started licking her pussy and she let me do it. She was totally wet from the start. When I asked her for a BJ, she seemed very insecure. She gave me a little bit of a handjob and I asked her for more, but she was too shy. Seemed she never even gave a BJ before, even to her BF, so I literally had to teach her how. Not the best BJ, of course, but very exciting. Teacher Tron! Then, it was on to action where her pussy felt like a virgin. Clearly a fresh girl with very low experience. She was very quiet the entire time but that’s understandable. She said she enjoyed it though. I just loved those tiny tits (I remember that a member requested that style of tits… or do you want even smaller?) but her ass was the best of her. Came in her pussy in doggy style. This was really good. We took a shower together and then I went outside with her to buy her pants, haha. Left the camera in my room, to recharge. Ok guys, going to sleep now. Tomorrow, I will probably take a last walk in the city. After tomorrow, to China!