Asiansexdiary - Ornella
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Ornella

Dear Diary, So today, I had this date with a Czech redhead hottie named Ornella. We met at a Thai cafe and I honestly believed that nothing was going to come out of this. She was rather cold and did not show any enthousiasme. I later found out that this was just her nature and that it didn’t mean that she wasn’t into more. In the Western world, they call this a “Resting Bitch Face” or “RBI”, for short. I continued to ask her questions and slowly got under her skin, especially when I started to talk about my job as a photographer. I know that all Czech girls dream of becoming a model, so I asked if I could take a picture, in the cafe, and she said “yes”. That encouraged me to go further. After 40 minutes of talking, I convinced her to make some pics in my room. From there, I gave myself much more of a chance of fucking her. And yes, in the room, she was very willing to pose and smiled when I started to flirt more aggressively. However – once I asked her to take off her bra, she put a halt to my dreams. Damn. I was not going to give up that easily, though. As I felt that she liked me and wanted to fuck (girls on holidays always want to), I put the camera aside and started to kiss her. She totally turned on, from that moment forward, and she didn’t give a fuck about me filming anymore. The fuck-game of Thrones was on. This time, deeply pounding Margaery Tyrell (really a lookalike, isn’t she?!). Loved her blowjob performance. I got a bit too horny and wild, I must say. Good thing her English was not good enough to understand my dirty talk. She was still a bit cold in her expressions but demanded I creampie her at the end. That was fucking awesome! After we finished, she had to go back to her friends and asked if we could meet again. I’d have to be a fool to say “no” to that!!!