Asiansexdiary - Palm
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Palm

Dear Diary, I was in hunting-mode today, so I went back to walking around. At first, it seemed to be a difficult day until I found a fair at night. A lot of families and some girls. After 30 mins, I saw a girl leaving the fair and I followed her. She was alone and was dressed a bit slutty, so I guessed that she might be a bargirl on her way to one of the beer-bars I visited. I started to talk with her. She was open for talking, but her English was very poor. I took her for a drink. Her name is Palm. She’s 18yo, not a bargirl, and was planning to go out tonight. I talked a bit with her using a translator app and she was very cool for everything I asked of her. To my room, no problem. Making pics, no problem. The deal was made and off we went. Once in my room, she continued to be cool with everything I asked her to do. I wish all these girls were like that. The best surprise was her beautiful natural no-hair pussy. A real piece of art, if you ask me. Fucking such a beautiful pussy is such a delight. I creampied her and tried to cum a second time, shooting my load on that pussy. I did cum but all my sperm was already inside, haha. She left, ready to go party, right afterwards! Maybe this was my last girl of the year, we will see. A great trophy to end the year with anyways, right?