Asiansexdiary - Pang
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Pang

Dear Diary, The big day has come! Pang showed up for our date, right on time. I was a little stressed about this, as she really looked like my type on girl when I chatted with her. Once she entered my room, I knew that I was right to continue on chasing this girl. She looked totally wonderful and was everything great about Asian girls: Skinny, beautiful body, the right size of boobs, that small ass and the cute “Bambi” face. Man, I was horny from the start! The good thing was that she had the right attitude, too. She had that white innocent dress on with high heels, simple (but beautiful) makeup and liked to pose. What a delight. I couldn’t stop making pictures! When I started to touch and kiss her, she was totally into it. Absolutely delicious. Ok, her BJ was not the best ever but who cares with this type of a beauty, right? She is a keeper! Man, the fuck was so great! Such a nice and tight pussy. Of course, I creampied her! We talked and she would like to see me again when I come back from Hong Kong/China. I hope she keeps her word but at the same time, this girl is going to get me in so much trouble with Dera and Ayon. How will I do it when I come back? Who to choose? 2 wonderful girls or 1 stunner? That’s a problem that I will figure out later… Tomorrow, I am off to Bangkok with my 2 girls then the day after, I fly to Hong Kong.