Asiansexdiary - Paula, Laiza’s friend
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Paula, Laiza’s friend

Dear Diary, As you most likely expected, Laiza became my girlfriend. After bringing her cousin and two sisters, allowing me to fuck them as much as I wanted, I almost had to take her in. What a dream girl! My computer and cam problems have been stressing me a lot so she got quite irritated by me last week. Anyways, that morning of August 4th, I texted her that I hoped for her to pass by to see me that day. That is what she did, even bringing her best friend Paula. That girl is really a stunner to look at. A nice skinny slut. When they arrived, we had a little talk, ordered some food and watched some funny Japanese porn. Paula clearly got exited by what we saw and started to stroke my dick! It didn’t take long before I was fucking her and my gf, Laiza. Honestly, I think that Laiza got a little jealous seeing how much I was enjoying this. After a while, she stopped participating and left me fucking Paula all the way. I creampied her as the tradition prescribes. I really enjoyed this one… especially after weeks of stress. When I shut off the lights that night, I talked to Laiza about it and she said she was not being jealous at all, only sleepy. I fucked her again before falling asleep … but could not film that.. it was dark and we were having our “love-making” moment as she called it.