Asiansexdiary - Phan
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Phan

Dear Diary, Aline kept her word and brought me a girl. Before arriving, she warned me that the girl was not young so I was scared that she would bring me another MILF. But.. once they arrived, I was very exited when I saw her friend. She is not a MILF, at all. Her name is Phan, a 23yo beautiful lady with a great attitude. Loved her from the start. Aline left us alone and there was a nice erotic atmosphere from the moment we started to shoot. She was playful and a bit shy. Once naked, you can see how she couldn’t leave her pussy alone. She caressed my feet and looked at my dick all the time. This girl wanted to fuck so badly, so I gave her exactly what she needed. Ate her beautiful pussy and she came right away. Then, she gave me a wonderful BJ. I liked her body a lot, even if she had small boobs. I started to fuck her small delicious pussy and I loved it when she came on me. Very passionate. Then it was time for doggy and I had to cum on her ass. She was not into creampies. Sad, but ok. We talked a bit more and then she left. I think I will ask her to come back. Enjoyed her a lot. Aline came back later and we went to the rooftop bar named Xbar. Was nice. They even had a live band. 2 of her friends came, too. One with nice makeup on, but a bit bitchy. The other is named Annoo, the girl I talked with yesterday already. She was petite and fun. She looked a bit like the singer Bjork. I hope I can fuck her soon, as well. I asked Aline again to talk with her about a shoot. We’ll see.