Asiansexdiary - Ping
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Ping

Dear Diary, I decided to go hunting back at the Bor Pen Yang again and at the Home disco tonight. I saw similar faces and walked to another small KTV named Marina, as well. Didn’t stay long, nothing to my taste. My new ladyboy friend talked to a few girls but they all seemed too scared to do a shoot. I decided to go home and took a tuktuk. Once I arrived back at my hotel, I saw a girl that was sitting outside alone. She was planning to leave, so I went to talk to her. Her name is Ping, a 19yo a student. She just came back from Bor Pen Yang and her best friend was fucking a foreigner in the hotel next to mine, while Ping was just waiting for her friend to get finished. All good signs for me. These must be students looking for fun! We talked and I convinced her to go to my room instead of waiting outside. To my surprise, she even agreed for pictures as well. I liked her. Skinny and nice body with smooth hair. We first took some pics and then I asked her to undress. She didn’t seem too shy about it. Good girl! Loved her small boobs and nice round ass. We started to have sex and it was all very well. Nice BJ. She loves to be on top, that was clear. When we were almost done, her friends started calling her all the time (you can hear her phone ringing in vibration mode), so we hurried and I creampied her. Very well for a second girl here in Laos. I was satisfied. She left and gave me her number hoping to come back when she has more time for me. Why not? 🙂