Asiansexdiary - Preaw
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Preaw

Dear Diary, Before Preaw was to come meet at 2pm, I visited Bugis. It’s a famous shopping mall where a lot of girls go, apparently. So, there I had to go and oh boy, oh boy, YES the hot girls were there. I just didn’t know who to film first. Just look at those 2 girls in that uniform, or that girl texting outside. Man, I was so horny already. Then it was 2pm. Time for my date with Nok and her lovely friend, Preaw. We had a drink in the lobby of my hotel and I could easily tell how Preaw was excited and Nok was a bit jealous. Preaw was 18 years old and not 19. Even better. She looked in my eyes with those horny eyes of hers. What a little monster. I gave Nok a kiss before going to my room with Preaw. We were both super horny. From the start, it was all hugging and kissing. She started to touch my dick and I just couldn’t make more pictures. We needed to fuck and that’s what we did. She came 3 times, she told me. I had a wonderful fuck with her. I wish that all girls were like her, so much excitement and so passionate. Creampie, of course. So guys, even though this turned out to be a very ‘Thai’ week for me, I am still very happy about this week. Last thing to try is Geylang, of course. I will do that on my last days here before heading off to Vietnam.