Asiansexdiary - Qele
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Qele

Dear Diary, Jojo kept her word and arrived at 1pm, with a marvellous girl named Qele in tow. She’s 19 years old but chubby with an innocent looking Bambi-face. She was all smiles right from the start. Jojo left fast enough after telling me that she had more girls but only for after the weekend. Sad to say that I will be in Singapore by then. She said that she will keep on looking for my next visit then instead. Good deal. We started to shoot and I got more and more amazed about Qele’s beauty. Her highly-attractive face and of course, these wonderful big boobs! I am sure some members will be very happy here to see some Bernadeath/Rebecka-worthy boobs again. I truly enjoyed these big fat milky boobs today, I must say. I made Qele look even more slutty with some slutwear that I still had in my bag. She liked it. Naughty girl, look how she reacted to my first boob-touch. I ate that fat ass of hers and made her cum easily. She sucked my dick like a pro and then I fucked this little Chinese screamer. A Chinese girl with big boobs and a fat ass, horny ass hell… only here on ASD, guys! Creampied her and then I got so horny gain that I came one more time… on her boobs. Just perfect 🙂 Before she left, she gave me her phone number and told me that she wanted to do more of this in the future. Now we’re talking! Ok guys, tomorrow I will pack my bags to leave for Singapore on Sunday.. all on your request!