Asiansexdiary - Radka
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Radka

Dear Diary, I am proud to announce that I just had one of my best conquests, ever. I don’t know where to start. So much excitement, today. I took the subway, as usual, when I saw a Perfect Redhead beauty in front of me going down the stairway, wearing jean shorts. I followed her, of course, on the subways until she walked out to the exit. I did not have to be there but I decided to continue following her and if possible, talk to her. As I won a lot of confidence lately with these easy and horny Czech girls, I used an old trick to talk to her. I plated the ‘lost tourist’ and asked for her help. She wanted to help and God, so beautiful she was. She tried to get rid of me, saying she had to hurry, when I I asked if we could walk together. No worries… I somehow managed to keep walking with her, anyways, using some smooth talk. That seemed to help because she agreed to pose for a picture. I knew that this was the critical moment and that I had to make my next move, so I asked her to have coffee with me. You could see her doubting but, somehow, she must have liked me a little because she agreed for just 5 minutes. We were getting somewhere. But – for sure, nothing was done yet. We went to Starbucks and then we sat outside. This was my chance. I tried to see what interested her, so I asked a lot of questions. I saw that she started to get interested when I talked about me being a photographer. She said that she had done some modelling work, before, but never very serious. She had done some lingerie pics. Man, this girl was for sure not an innocent lady. Turns out that she is a 20 year old student that also does some side-work to make extra money… and she’s single! She really got interested in my photography, so I asked her to make more time together so that I could show her some of my photography magic. There, she started to text her best friend whom she had a meeting with. She postponed it, to later on today! Unbelievable! Now I knew that I could get more from her! I told her to go to my apartment but she thought that I could show her my work on my phone, haha! Good try, but I turned the tables and told her that I only had it on my laptop. She doubted again but then finally said “yes” and followed me to my place. We ate a slice of pizza on the way back and continued to talk and flirt more and more. She even told me that she is bisexual and likes to kiss girls. Wow. All good signs for what’s to come… and I was totally right. Once in my room, I showed her my bigger cam and started to take pics of her. She loved to pose and enjoyed my attention, little jokes and flirting. We got more touchy and after a few kisses, it was Tron-time. What a HUGE victory! Look at this Perfect Redhead’s body, attitude and sexy eyes. I felt like I was in Game Of Thrones, fucking Sansa Stark! When I got her undressed, I did not wait to eat her pussy and it’s there that she came for the first time. That totally turned her on. Me too, because it turned her into a horny lil’ Perfect Redhead slut. Damn, I think this is one of my best shoots, ever! Don’t you think?! She came 2 more times and I fucked her in all possible positions. In the end, I shoot my sperm all over her face and she just loved it. Is it not safe to say that I have now conquered the Czech Republic? John Tron, King of the North! And guys, she is still here with me. She totally cancelled her date with her friend. We are going to go eat something now. See you tomorrow, on Asian Sex Diary, where porn history is written!