Asiansexdiary - Rose night
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Rose night

Dear Diary, After Kiana left yesterday, I edited that day’s diary entry, started writing some tips for my Try It Out For Yourself page and then right when I wanted to go sleep around 1:30am, I got a call from reception, saying there was a girl downstairs waiting for me. It was Rose. Remembering this little 3-holer, I thought “Of course, she could come up and sleep over!” I told her to warn me next time if she wanted to come over (you know how dangerous this is with Daisy, Ann and especially Laiza already). She probably had a fight at home with her mom and needed some attention and love from a sweet foreigner like me 😉 So we went to sleep around 2am… then 3 hours later I woke up so horny, just thinking of fucking that little asshole of hers. Such a great ass she has! I really enjoyed it and came in her ass. That’s my first ass-creampie ever! We then slept again until 2pm. I continued to write some ideas for my diary while she was still sleeping then I fucked her again at 5pm but was to lazy to shoot her again. It was a short time anyways. Came in her ass again. New hobby! While I am writing this now, she is sleeping again…. I’m going to Manila tomorrow morning to see my doctor. Just a check up. I feel much better already. Goodnight!