Asiansexdiary - Sa
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Sa

Dear Diary, After many days of shopping and countless ways I tried to talk and seduce girls in the malls, I finally got rewarded today. I got myself focused on lonely walking girls. I first followed a girl in a yellow skirt, but she was with a friend and didn’t react well when I came closer to her. She helped me, but quickly walked away. I know what that means. Later on, I saw another girl in a short jeans and started to follow her. I talked to her and she smiled. She agreed to walk together. I used the London-themed decoration in the mall to ask her to pose in front of it. That all worked very well. I was back in the game. I asked her a little later to join me in my room and she smiled lovely. I knew I was going to fuck this one! On the way to my room, she told me that her name is Sa, that she is 25yo and that her profession is a saleslady. Soon after, we stared to kiss in the elevator of my hotel. This was very promising and I could already see that she had nice boobs and a good round ass. Once in my room, we took a few pictures and I asked her to go on her knees, of which she did, with the only thing left to ask being “Suck my dick, please”. So easy, haha. What a good BJ she gave me. I tried to use all of my cameras today to make it a multiple point of view shoot. I first fucked her in doggy without even taking off her clothes… I was too horny to wait. You could see that she really loved being fucked that way. And look that great round fat ass, too. I later also discovered her marvelous boobs. I ate her pussy and she came. I fucked her in all of my favorite positions and creampied her. Great fuck! I was so satisfied and she, as well! We exchanged numbers and off she went, back to shopping. That’s how I like it!