Asiansexdiary - Samatha, finally!
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Samatha, finally!

Dear Diary, Today was a big day! Samantha agreed to a shooting, everything included 🙂 She sent me a text message about it this morning. She would arrive at my room around 2pm. I asked her to wear that leopard-print shirt again that she had on yesterday. I am sure that it will be great on picture! Like a real diva, she arrived 2 hours late but I was happy that she came. I thought that she got afraid and would leave me alone but no, by 4pm we started to take pictures and she was, for sure, one of the best models that I ever had!!! She knew how to pose, how to look sexy and just how to tease me. The pics are really great and the more she took off her clothes, the more I got excited about the next steps to take. I expected her to become more shy later on and I was right because once we started to have sex, I had to put the camera away to warm her up. That was a good choice. 10 minutes later she was not too shy to shoot anymore. What a horny girl! What a body! What an ass! This was really too good! After a week of war tactics, I finally got what I wanted. This is a great victory! After we finished, we had dinner and then we slept. I fucked her again, of course. I will try to shoot her again in the morning 😉