Asiansexdiary - Shi
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Shi

Dear Diary, This morning, I changed to another hotel. The previous one was just too small. Tonight was also my last night in HK because I fly to Bangkok tomorrow. I miss Thai pussy 😉 Nov-Dec is also the best time to go to Thailand. The weather is better. Anyways, I had a very clear goal in mind today: Chinese pussy! So, I took a more upscale hotel and went out to the Soho district. I walked into different discos until I found a lonely Chinese girl in casual clothes. From what I understood, her best friend was having a fight with her BF outside the disco. She was bored and after she smiled beautifully to me, I offered her a drink. She was already a little under the weather and continued on ordering beer and shots. She was laughing at my jokes, even if her English was very poor, but she liked me and I felt this could become something. I started to touch her body and she allowed me to hold her hands. I asked her to join me and to my surprise, she said yes. She sent a message to her friend and off we went to my hotel. There, she seemed not to mind my camera, so I kept on filming and making pics without asking. She was probably a little too under the weather and horny to care. Good for me, because it went fast on to business! She started to touch my dick and to gave me a nice BJ. From that moment on, she got a little more shy but she did allow me to film her. Happy. Only bad thing is that she really insisted on using a condom. So I did. But honestly, I was happy enough to fuck a HK Chinese girl finally. I knew you guys will be happy too She was a little starfish in the beginning but once she came on top, she started to get into it. Later, when I told her that I couldn’t cum because of the condom, she allowed me to fuck her without it. Good girl (by the way, try that excuse, sometimes it works!). I came on her ass, as she asked me to. This was really good! Such a beautiful body, pair of boobs and face. I hoped she would stay but she couldn’t because she got a lot of messages from her friend. Drama with that couple… She gave me her phone number. Hopefully I can meet her again on my next trip to HK. She left so I made my bags to go to Bangkok!