Asiansexdiary - Sofie
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Sofie

Dear Diary, Today started a normal day and I began to check out the girls. Saw some Chinese tourists and a lonely girl with black hair and no bra on walking towards a little park. When she sat there alone, I was really doubting what to do. I decided to go sit next to her and see what happens. Turned out to be a good move. The lady was friendly and curious, so we talked there for 15 minutes. Her name is Sofie and she’s a local Czech girl that just finished university and is looking for a job. She was indeed not wearing a bra and had a gun tattoo on her left arm. Both signs for me that this well-behaving lady had a darker side to her (as each of us do). I invited her for a coffee and she said “yes”, another good sign. We found a nice place to sit and we continued talking. She was into arts and always dreamed of becoming a model. The flirting started. She liked me, for sure, and invited to guide me around. I already hinted that I could take some pics of her and I flattered her about her looks. She took me into the city where she showed me the Republic Square. As I wanted something more then just a guide, I had to find something to bring her to my apartment. I told her that I needed new batteries for my camera and that I forgot them at my place. She agreed to go back and it’s there that I invited her in. I continued to play the “good boy” and told her that we could go back outside in a few minutes. I then showed her my bigger camera and started to take pics. My trick was working and she got more and more into it. She posed in my kitchen then in my sleeping room. I felt confident that she would like to go on with this… and I was right. I asked her to do more and more, touched her body, flirted with her and she really enjoyed it all. It’s right then that I asked for a kiss. That’s always the ultimate test, and look… she kissed me passionately. The game was on and from here on in, I knew that I was going to fuck this little Czech slut. I got her to undress and I did the same. When I touched her pussy it was dripping wet already on it’s own. I showed her my dick and did not even have to tell her what to do with it. Damn, this was just amazing. She was so fucking horny. I had placed some cameras all over the room, to be sure not to miss this great fuck. My first real Czech girl! So, the stories about these girls were true. My god, I lost so much time in London. Anyways, we got both totally into it and it got wilder when I called her a slut. She didn’t mind, at all. Dirty talk always works to get the ladies wild, guys! I gave her a good facial to finish the job. She was surprised with my stamp but had to laugh at it. “What a pervert this guy is”, haha! She gave me her number and she will guide me around. We’ll see, I am into more local pussy of course 🙂