Asiansexdiary - Sona
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Sona

Dear Diary, Went for a walk to a market where I had previously seen many students before. When I arrived there, they were everywhere. I did not know where to start, so I tried an old trick where I saw two students walk towards me and I played the stupid lost tourist game, looking to buy some traditional dresses from Laos. Using a female article to buy always makes them wonder why a guy wants to buy such a thing and at the same time, it’s not a danger for them. They can still imagine that I want to buy for my GF. It worked out. The girls wanted to help me and I did seriously fancy one of these two. They helped me to a few shops, and I did buy a dress, but when it was done, the girls hurried back outside and did not seem to be interested in a drink. My trick didn’t totally work. A few hours later, a girl in a sexy black dress walked in front of me and smiled when she saw me. The game was on! Her English was good. We talked a little about going to my room and making pictures. This girl was fun. Her name is Sona, is a 28yo MILF and was ready for action. I loved her walk and especially her ass. Once in my room, I started to make pics and she just loved it. Good poser, even if it was her first time but of course, we both wanted action, so we undressed and I started to eat her pussy to warm her up. She wanted me to fuck her as fast and as hard as possible. I did what I could 😉 Got a good BJ in return, not the best, but still ok. Lao girls are not so much into BJs, I guess, but the action was great. I creampied her and added some sperm on her wonderful ass. Good job! These have been 2 wonderful days in Vientiane.