Asiansexdiary - Stephanie
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Stephanie

Dear Diary, I took a taxi to visit a beach, this morning, but the weather was so bad that I decided to keep it short. A few hours later and it was all sunny… Bali Weather! But anyways, it was a big big day today, as you could see at the title of this update. The French girl, named Stephanie, had been texting me that she was bored and that she would be more than happy to meet. So by 2 pm, we met in a little Bali restaurant close to my hotel. From what I understood, she was here on holiday with her best friend, whom brought her boyfriend with her at last minute. Not a good plan but good for me. Stephanie felt alone and was more than happy to flirt with another tourist on the island… ME! From the moment we met, it was all great and there was some nice energy between us. She was honestly even more beautiful than on her pictures. We sat and ordered some food, talking about our lives, work and  hobbies. She seems to have low self-esteem, somehow… and that was good for me as well… I could help her with that 😉 I didn’t care if this was going to go either way, so I went all HUNT-mode and invited her to my hotel for some pictures. She clearly liked the idea but played very French, haha. I had to promise to not do anything wrong there. (sex, is that wrong???). After we finished eating, we walked back to my place and we continued our date with a little shoot. See how beautiful this chick is, guys!? I tried my usual tricks, like joking and touching. It seemed all to work perfectly. Seems like French girls get very horny, as well, if you push the right buttons. Within 20 minutes, I was touching her ass and 5 minutes later… I got my first kiss. Weinstein could learn from me, haha. So, just watch the 100 minute video! It was so epic, I did not know how to cut this down to size. You get it all from me. Stephanie is a keeper, guys, and I am sure I am going to creampie her again on this trip ( she leaves in 3 days).