Asiansexdiary - Suk
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Suk

Dear Diary, Today, I had a plan. I did 2 great MILFs last week and I was wondering if MILFs get better and hornier with age. So, I hunted down another milf – Suk, a 37 yo. I immediately took her. I wanted to try her and see if this theory of mine would be correct. After some drinks, we went to my room. She was fun but also a little shy. Less fun than Nees and Toon but I really got very horny anyways. I wanted to fuck her… hard! Her blowjob was tender, delicate, slow and I loved it! Time to get inside that pussy of hers!! To my surprise, she seemed a little stressed. That’s when I found out that she hasn’t fucked in a long time, maybe even longer than a year! Good for me, she was really happy to get fucked again! This felt really good, especially when she was on top. You could see how much she enjoyed it. I decided to finish with a facial for the few facial-lovers on my diary. Ok guys, enough MILFs now! Next girl needs to be a young one and I am even going for a stunner this time! Hope I can find one tomorrow or the day after. I will visit the malls and more upscale bars. A new challenge!