Asiansexdiary - Sunny
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Sunny

Dear Diary, It was a GREAT day for Asian Sex Diary! I fucked that Russian student. YES! You can see it all here. finally, a new hardcore episode for my diary. I started to get desperate. Anyways, let’s start from the beginning. We met in a restaurant in Notting Hill, close to her apartment. The restaurant that she told me to wait at was closed, so I waited in another one not too far from there. Not a good idea, as she didn’t know of that one. After 30 minutes of waiting, she finally arrived. She was totally what I needed. A petite blonde Russian student in London. Her English was not so good, so we needed to talk with the use of a translate app. I felt like I was back in Asia. She is here to learn English and only arrived 2 months ago, so I can understand. We ordered some food and the mood was really good. She was even touching my legs with her shoes under the table. My god, this girl really needed a fuck and she really liked me. As my hotel is far from that place, she instantly invited me to her apartment… just 2 blocks away. Fucking convenient! I paid the bill and we were there in no time. I was surprised to see her living in such a big apartment. As agreed, I started to take pictures and she was very easy going about it while flirting and teasing with her poses, blowing kisses at and shaking her ass. I knew that I could do whatever I wanted to her at this point, so I started to kiss and touch her. She teasingly opened her legs for me in the garden and I could see her pink panties. Damn, what a little slut! I can’t tell you how horny I was. She then guided me to her sleeping room, where the teasing continued. She had no problems taking off clothes but felt shy about her ‘fat’ belly. Those girls are really crazy! Look how great this girl is. Anyways, when she started to rub her shoes on my pants, I decided to get out of my clothes to get this party started. Sunny then took a quick shower and the game was on. Before we fucked, she told me that this was her Swiss BF’s apartment!! WTFCK! Was she just joking or serious? Whatever the case… I just wanted to fuck her. So, I started to kiss her and presented her with my dick. What I got next was a nice long Russian blowjob (my second on ASD! Remember when I fucked a Russian in Amsterdam last year?). I licked her pussy clean and she came after 5 minutes of this. Such a nymphomaniac lil’ cheater! When I was ready to fuck her, she demanded a condom. Fuck. Fuck It! What do you do in such a situation!? She had some condoms ready in the bathroom, so I guess that I am not the first one to come to this apartment. We had a really great fuck anyways, man, even with the condom. I enjoyed this really-needed fuck and took her in all positions before cumming on her tits. She killed me (face down, dead). Drained. I even made a mistake with the date. It’s still July, I know, but at that moment in time I was still on another planet, haha, and could barely be upright, let alone think. Anyways… we talked a few more hours after that. She explained to me that this was really one of her rich BF’s places, a Swiss guy whom is never in London. He pays everything for her, including her schooling in London. Typical. A bored nymphomaniac Russian slut that can’t live a day without getting fucked. My kinda girl. As long as that guy is not from the Russian Mafia, I am safe and could care less 😉 Enjoy this extra-long video, guys, and sorry to make you wait for a week.