Asiansexdiary - Susi: Part 2
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Susi: Part 2

Dear Diary, After I woke up, I had a little breakfast (close to my hotel) when I suddenly got a message from Susi, saying that she was standing in front of my hotel room and that she brought a nice flower dress to make new pictures with. WTF!!!??? This MILF is super horny and already knows what I want! Maybe I’ve been too enthusiastic, yesterday. This girl already has plans for me or she just wanted to see if I had another girl already. Very Thai!!! So anyways, I RAN back to my place and there she indeed was. Get this: She said that she only needed nice panties to wear with that dress, so we went to a shop close to my hotel first. That was fun! We looked for panties and I ended up buying her a t-shirt and 3 panties… and ended up getting a BJ in the dressing rooms, haha!!! Then, we had coffee before going to my room for a second round. I must say that she was even wilder than yesterday! Unreal. I struck GOLD! This MILF really needed to get fucked and she was about to explode if it didn’t end with my dick in her again. I wondered how long she had been waiting to meet a guy like me?! Just look at the video. Super horny! I even ended it all off with a nice facial ending for some of the members here. She is now still with me here and will probably sleep over tonight. I am going to fuck her every day!