Asiansexdiary - Susi: Part 3
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Susi: Part 3

Dear Diary, Woke up early this morning, and walked towards the Pisa tower. I was trying to find another Asian chick to fuck. There were much hotter girls around the tower but never alone. There was a real hot Japanese girl and even some Pinay. Anyways, I had my date with Susi this afternoon, so there was no pressure. She arrived at 2pm and we first went to eat before going back to my room. There you could really see how she is becoming at ease with all of this. She really loves to pose and to fuck. My perfect partner, I would say. She was horny from the very first moment that we were together and in my room, she simply exploded. She was playing with her pussy all the time and begged me to fuck her. We did not even have the time to undress and I creampied her with my jeans still on. Once done, she wanted me to eat her pussy and she came again. Even after that, she continued to play with her pussy. What a little slut, my God! I told her that I will be leaving the day after tomorrow and that is a lie because I want to keep one day free to meet that porn model, Rosella Visconti. She is replying to me already, so there is a chance of Italian pussy, yes!!! Anyways, tomorrow is my last day with Susi and I am going to try and convince her into anal, as I know that you all would love that! I’ll do my best. Ciao!