Asiansexdiary - Tan
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Tan

Dear Diary, My efforts during the past days are finally rewarded! On another walk through the city, today, I saw a sexy young girl at a 7/11. I walked closer to her and she instantly smiled at me before her obvious flirting started. When I started to talk, she was very receptive. So, I continued to talk and walk with her. Her name is Tan and merely 19 years old. Likely a local bicycle but I am not sure. She was totally into me and it was super-easy to ask her over to my hotel. When I took out my camera, she was not even surprised. Heck, she even loved it! She made duck faces, did the whole tongue between her lips thing and made cute V signs with her fingers. 10 minutes later, and my dick was in her mouth. Good girl. Definitely the kind of young Asian slut that I love banging! Tan here has a nice young and hairy pussy. Delicious. Small tits, too. So fucking horny. This is EXACTLY what I needed, after a few difficult hunting days. Thai girls still have it, guys, and that is good news. I am for sure going to stay in Bangkok until flying to Las Vegas. After a good creampie, she left. I have her phone number, for another round.