Asiansexdiary - Theresa
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Theresa

Dear Diary, Before I went on my date with Theresa, I first went for a long walk. Budapest is really wonderful in the summer. Sex is in the air! Then, I had my date with the student/model Theresa, a 22yo Czech girl on vacation in Budapest. I did not do any research on her and trusted Amira’s recommendations but I did not expect her to be that sweet and innocent looking. At that point, I was really still doubting if she would do a shoot with me. Amira must have told her about my hobby but still, this looked much more like a blind date than anything. All good for me in the end though, I must say. She seemed to like me and we talked a long time before I convinced her to do a shoot with me. Even in my room, she still looked out of place and surprised when I asked her to undress. Some kissing and Tron magic turned the game up to the very needed level of hardcore sex. I had enough of the romance and wanted to bang this stunner, as fast as possible. After some sweet talking (fast forwarded this because we took really long), I finally got her to undress and be ready for the only thing that I needed: Her pussy and amazing boobs!. I must say that I really liked her body and innocent face. Is she a porn star or not? Any of you know her? Anyways, great fuck. 90 minute video for you guys! And now, she is still here with me… sleeping… so you know what that means! She will be leaving in the morning but I will try to creampie her then. Promise!