Asiansexdiary - Thom
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Thom

Dear Diary, So last night I went to a disco in the middle of the night and stayed until 3am. I was very quiet at first and I was focusing on a skinny girl in a red dress first until later that night, a girl with blonde hair and a big handbag arrived. I loved her immediately and that big handbag means that she has everything with her for a possible sleepover. So, I went to talk with her and the deal for a shoot was made within 5 minutes. We walked to my hotel and I truly had the best night of this trip! Her name is Thom, a 20yo Hanoi girl with a beautifully curved body that really wants to become a model. Even if she is constantly doubting her beauty. She was surprised that I liked her so much… and guys, I was not faking here. Damn, I loved this girl. She was making me totally crazy. There was just something about her. She really liked to undress and pose, came when I ate her pussy, and even asked me later to cum inside of her. I came 3 times in the end, with my last shots over her ass. Just watch the video… I think it is the best of 2021 so far! And yes, she is coming back! (she begged me!)