Asiansexdiary - Trang
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Trang

Dear Diary, No news from my disco cutie. What a bitch. I hate it when they promise and not show up. Whatever. I decided to rent a bike today to visit the city and look around. That was a very good idea, it seems. I started to look around me and saw a few cute girls on their bikes. One girl looked so casual and innocent but she stood close to me and smiled when I said hello. Wow, so cute. I followed her and she continued to smile and flirt with me. The game was on. It seemed that she was inviting me to follow her. I did it and she stopped close to a park. We had a nice little talk and it was clear that she had a total crush on me. I was confident to invite her to my hotel and she said “Yes”, immediately. She made a short call to her mom to tell her she will be home a little later. Wow, guys, this is what I was looking for in this trip. As you remember, I told you that I would try to find more normal girls. See, this girl is just 19, a student in economics, living with her parents and only lives 2 streets away from my hotel! I really didn’t know what to expect when we arrived in my room. Sex possible, a shoot? Doubtful. But! Once we started to make picture and the more I saw how much she liked me, It was clear that this was going to be very special. Taking off clothes was no problem at all, even if she was shy. Kissing once in awhile helped a lot. 20 minutes later, she was fully-naked in my room. Amazing. So cute, so skinny, small boobs and a hairy non-pro pussy. More crazy is that she was the one who wanted to fuck as fast as possible. She was horny as hell, haha. We took a shower and on the bed, she started to lick my whole body. Never had a girl do this to me before. Then, a wonderful BJ. Look how she asked me to lick her pussy and a little later, she begged me to put my dick in her. Fucking hell, this was horny. She was all smiles when I started to fuck her. I saw her cum 2 times while she was on top. I loved to eat her pussy and to fuck her in doggy style. Such a skinny and innocent casual girl. Awesome. I creampied her on demand. Felt like being in the PI again, haha. Sad to say, she had to go back home as her mother was waiting for her. She said she will come back tomorrow. We’ll see. Anyways, this is a wonderful trophy!