Asiansexdiary - Tun2
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Tun2

Dear Diary, Had to change my room this morning.The hotel made a mistake in their bookings but they gave me their biggest and best room in exchange. Great! A lot of mirrors and a lot of light. Did a walk in the city again and promised myself not to do any happy endings anymore if no camera in the hand. Went to UD town, an open-air shopping street where I heard girls like to come in daytime. I was right. I saw a girl and smiled… she smiled back! I know that this means something here in Thailand. We had a talk and I started to shoot with the pivothead again. We then had a little drink and she confirmed that she was interested in more. She looked like a very decent girl, very pure and sweet. More like a saleslady. And she was. Her name is Tun 25yo. I could see through her dress that she must have great tits. After some talk, she agreed to go to my room. Once there, she was kind of shy and was clearly not used to this. I liked her, especially her body. She still has the body of an 18yo girl. Very sexy. Beautiful boobs and pussy. Was delicious to lick it! Her BJ was good, in a special way. Strange tactics she had, but felt good anyways. When I fucked her, she kept on being silent but she still enjoyed it. I know because I asked her, haha. Just loved to look at her ass in doggy. My type of ass. Delicious! Creampied her. After finished, she told me more about herself. We had one more drink and then she left. I started to pack my things. I have a flight to Bangkok, then Hong Kong tomorrow.