Asiansexdiary - Twins In Bangkok
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Twins In Bangkok

Dear Diary, FINALLY! Today was another historical and EPIC episode for Asian Sex Diary. I brought the twins back together, in Bangkok, and I managed to make a great shoot out of it. We agreed to meet at 12:00 but the twins only arrived 30 minutes later, something that was easy to forgive. I did not even know who was who anymore. Pir? Chompoo? Hard to tell. We had a drink and the sisters were clearly happy to be together with me again. They thanked me with a nice shoot in my room just another 30 minutes later. They did not want to waste any time, either. Epic. We first made a few normal pictures and then I asked them to undress. I could not wait any more and wanted to get right into the action. Best part was the twin blowjob, for sure. There is nothing more beautiful in life than looking at twins kissing your dick. I can die right now and still be happy. I then, of course, fucked them both in return. It was absolutely wonderful! I even finished the job with a twin fountain of sperm, haha. So good. The twins could not stay with me any longer, as they wanted to do some shopping before Chompoo had to head back to Chiang Mai tomorrow. I’ll try to meet them again, for sure. Ok, guys, tomorrow is my last day in Bangkok. I am travelling to Koh Samui, for some more fun.