Asiansexdiary - Veronica
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Veronica

Dear Diary, My last date of this very successful trip to Prague ended very well with another artistic facial across a naive Czech beauty’s face 🙂 We met at 5pm, after her work, to have a drink close to my apartment. I was very confident that this was going to be a success as her chatting with me was already very flirty. Once I was with her, I was even more sure about it and felt very confident. She was smiling with all of my jokes and her eyes were begging for me to fuck her, as fast as possible. Veronica is 22 years old, works for a company and is bored like hell. After 20 minutes, I was already holding hands with her and kissing her on the streets and in the elevator. I was grabbing her ass before even entering my room. Needless to say that she was sucking my dick just a few minutes later. This was clearly what she was hoping for. Just another Czech slut that loved to get slapped and called a slut… even if she did not know the meaning of the word, at first. She learned an important new word today, haha. Anyways, this cock-loving lady got what she deserved: my sperm all over her face! Look at how happy she was! Wonderfull. She took a shower and we went to eat something together before she ran back home. She has to work tomorrow and I have my flight to London! My trip to Madagascar is near…