Asiansexdiary - Vincenikki
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Vincenikki

Dear Diary, It’s time for some sightseeing! I went to a beautiful old church called the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino and the famous Magellan’s Cross (first Cross planted in Cebu by the Spanish). Santo Nino is a little statue of Child Jesus that is very popular in Cebu. I walked around this beautiful location until I saw two girls lighting up some candles. For some reason, I immediately liked them both. One was a small innocent looking one and the other a good chubby mama. I followed them for a little while to be sure they were alone. Once they were in a little park with not too many people around, I went over and started talking with them. They were both really sweet and nice. The small one was called Vincenikki and the other one was Carlyn, her sister. They both explained what this place was about and afterwards we had a drink and I invited them to join me at my hotel to make some pics. Carlyn didn’t have time for the pictures and Vincenikki was being doubtful. She did finally agree though. We dropped Carlyn off on the way to the hotel and then went on make pics with Vincenikki. This little innocent girl was more naughty then I ever expected. I loved her ass! She had kind of a Brazilian fat ass going on! I easily got horny and she seemed to like me alot…Bingo. Great lady, nice BJ, nice fuck… that only got even better when I simply stuffed my dick in her little ass-hole… she even didn’t say anything! That’s my girl! I eventually came inside her pussy because I just couldn’t resist it at all. When she went home, she made me promise not to tell anything to her sister… of course 😉