Asiansexdiary - Wendy
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Wendy

Dear Diary, After 3 days of walking around in HK, I felt that it might be time to score a trophy. I went to Causeway Bay famous for the big shopping malls in Time Square, which is a good place to find cute Chinese, Indonesians or whatever. While I was walking around, I saw a beautiful woman walking alone, that looked like a Filipina. As I don’t know the Chinese ladies well, I took my chances on following that Pinay beauty first. She was all in black, in high heels and shopping all alone. Filming from behind, I already saw that she might have a delicious fat ass! For a predator like me, that’s enough to follow this prey. She seemed like she was looking for a dress and that’s where I took a risk with a joke, saying that I could give her advice on a nice dress and even buying it for her the under condition that she would show it to me later. She liked my jokes and I ended up buying her a black dress. The game was already at my advantage. Out of the store, she revealed her name to me, Wendy. As I expected, she was a Filipina from Manila. She’s lived her for a year already in Hk and first came here with her foreigner BF but later broke up. I don’t know if she was telling the truth, but one thing was clear.. she liked me. So I invited her to my hotel to make a few pictures and she said immediately said yes. That’s where I knew that I was going to have a big time soon. Once in my hotel, she continued to be very playful and before I knew it, she was naked in front of my camera, showing me her delicious fat ass within mere centimeters from my wide angle lens!!! I’ll leave the details for you to discover in this first HK episode of my new-born Asian Sex Diary but I can tell you this much… while I was editing it an hour ago, I just didn’t know what to delete or keep, it looked all so horny and beautiful. I don’t want you to miss any of this… so here it is.. an extra long 37 min episode to start my new diary off with a bang!! I couldn’t start it off better than with a young beautiful Filipina like this! Enjoy!