Asiansexdiary - Yen
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Yen

Dear Diary, Guys, I just had an awesome day! I’ve gotten horny messages from my Date in Asia girl, Yen, since morning. She messaged me things like: “I want to suck your dick”, “I want you to fuck me hard” and etc… This is really rare with Asian girls, especially if you’ve never met them before. So, I was all like “is this real?!”, maybe she is not even going to show up? We had our date at the Pizza Hut close to my hotel at 6pm. She arrived well on time and had a red dress and red high heels on. This started very very good. I love red! She was fun and very happy to meet me. She clearly liked me a lot and was making jokes all the time. She even asked me not to eat for too long and to go to my room as fast as possible. My god. So we ate and hurried to my room. Something special happened here. She literally begged me to fuck her! BEGGED ME!!! Just watch the video if you don’t believe me. No act… 100% begging! This girl was totally a nymphomaniac. She couldn’t wait any longer and I had to stop taking pics of her. This was going to slow for her. She was touching her body and begged me to put my dick inside of her. Once I did, she just jumped up and down in excitement. I had girls begging to get fucked before, but never like this. Fantasy cum true. So exciting man! I fucked her hard like she wanted me to. Hear her begging for more… “John, john!”… man, such a surreal fucking awesome girl!! Once we came, she was totally happy and even asked if she could sleep over. She called her mom and told her that she was sleeping over at a classmate’s. She normally has school tomorrow afternoon. This girls is just 18, man. I wish all girls were like this. So guys, you’ll get a second round tomorrow morning… for sure.