Asiansexdiary - Yum
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Yum

Dear Diary, As promised, My had sent me a new girl, one of her best friends, named Yum. I liked her, immediately. She’s a 27yo MILF but damn… she looked so sexy. Loved her outfit and yellow earrings. There was something about her that made me instantly horny and wanting to fuck her, hard. My didn’t come with her, as she had no time to. No problem for me, I had more than enough work with this cutie. Her English was very poor, so I kept the talking short and started to shoot. When I started to see more of her body, I got even more wild, especially when I saw how much pussy hair she had. Nice round boobs, as well. I could only think of one thing: eating that hairy monkey of hers… of which, I did! So tasty. She then gave a great, long BJ. Viet girls can be really good at this. The fuck was great, as well. Her pussy was just so good and wet. She was a little passive in that part, but I really didn’t mind. I loved fucking her. She had asked me not to creampie her, so I came on her face. She took her shower and I asked her to stay the night. She said “yes”. She likes me. I am going to fuck her a few more times tonight!