Asiansexdiary - Zhibo KTV girl
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Zhibo KTV girl

Dear Diary, Ok guys, I made a few decisions today. First, this is my last week in China, for now. I got a lot of messages from Pang, Dera and Ayon asking (begging) me to come back. As it’s going slow in China, I booked my ticket. Of course, I am going to make the best out of my last week here. I send some messages to Xiaocui and Shili, hoping them to make the big step. No answers yet. So, to change my tactics, I decided to go on a group visit to a Karaoke, in a city close to Dongguan (as all the KTV’s are now closed in Changping). Karaokes are not my thing but Chinese men go there all the time, so there must be something about it. You can’t go alone, so I went with that organized group of Chinese men. The bad part: you need to sit in a room with people you don’t know, singing Chinese songs all the time. And also, it’s expensive compared to the BBS. The good part: MAN!!! PARADISE OF CRAZYSEXY GIRLS… EVERYWHERE. The karaoke I went to had 3 floors. On every floor, there were like 200 girls waiting in line. It’s just impossible to choose. They are all so cute and sexy. All in the same dresses. That was hard to choose. After walking around for 20 minutes, I decided to pick a girl who would smile at me. I found one: Tall with red-colored hair and firm sexy body. Her name was Zhibo,18yo. This girl was really funny and tried to communicate with me while we were in the room. While the Chinese men were giving me a headache with their bad singing, one Chinese guy had 3 girls and went to a room with one of these girls for 30 minutes each. No kidding. My plan was to leave as fast as I could and go back to my hotel with Zhibo. After 1 hour of playing dice, we left. Zhibo continued to be funny and even once in bed, she was still making jokes. First, she gave me a little massage and then we had great sex. I love her body. The best part came a little later when she started to pose for my camera. She said that she loved to pose. Why didn’t she tell me that before the action!! Anyways, I made some pics and she gave me a few “duck faces” before leaving me. Now, she promised me a full action shooting next time… and this is the first time that I believe it will actually happen. My plan for tomorrow is Xiao Cui or Shili then after that, it’s Zhibo again the day after. Let’s go for it!