Asiansexdiary - Zhibo revisit
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Zhibo revisit

Dear Diary, Thank God, halleluiah! Finally, I could make a full porn episode. Of course, it was with Zhibo. I should have known that she would do it since she was not shy to pose on the first date. Today, we went a way further. This was real fun. She just loved to pose and wanted to learn how to make photos, herself. Of course, she was into making selfies with all kinds of weird faces but she liked to make photos of me. I felt that I could go to a higher level, so I started to fuck her and she simply continued to film the action. So guys, today you get a 2 angle shot episode. Isn’t that great! As you could see, Zhibo also has that incredible sexy body and tiny pussy. A delight. No creampie but who cares in this case? She is still here now and she wants more, so I will probably make another shoot with her before leaving to Pattaya again. I got so many messages from Dera and Ayon, being so excited that I will come back… and asking for presents from Hong Kong (I didn’t tell them I was also going to China). Pang is also waiting for me. What should I do? Combine 2 relationships with 3 girls? Tell me…