Asiansexdiary - Zin
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Zin

Dear Diary, I had my date with the 19yo Burmese girl named Zin today. She already looked very cute, in her pictures, so I was really excited. We agreed to meet at the only KFC in town and when I arrived, she was already waiting for me on the second floor! Zin was even cuter in real life than she was in the pics. A really typical local beauty. Turns out that she does modelling work to pay for her studies. I was not surprised. She was all ready for a shoot, with make up on and a nice dress. As Zin agreed yesterday to do a shoot in my room, we kept our meeting in the KFC short. I was honestly so horny and just wanted to fuck her hard, so off to my room where we started to do a shoot! You could see already that she has done this type of work before. In fact, she told me that she did modelling work for some local textile factories and energy drink companies. Zin was cool to undress and I started to touch and kiss her to get to the point that I wanted. She was slow at first and I needed to get her to undress before she really started to get horny like me. Especially when I started to touch her pussy! That’s when she was instantly wet! I ate her pussy and she really loved it. I must say that I really loved her perfectly shaped pussy. So delicious! I then introduced my dick, fucked her right away and already ended up creampying her in the first position! She then gave me a good blowjob before fucking her again, with her on top and in doggy. Creampied her a second time. Man, this was so fucking good. Zin then left, in a hurry, saying that her mother was waiting for her hahahah. My Myanmar trip is going well, so far!